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Concrete Waterproofing Admixture, Triton TT Admix, being applied to a concrete floor by workmen in high-vis shirts

Triton TT Admix

A unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing, protection of concrete and increase durability – designed to be used as an admix at the time of batching. The active chemicals react with fresh concrete to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation which actively seals the concrete itself against the penetration of water or liquid, protecting it from the deterioration effect of harsh environmental conditions. Shrinkage cracks within design tolerances are constantly resealed creating a life-time active protection system. The use of Triton TT Admix within the concrete complies with BS8102 and is categorised as Type B. TT Admix is acceptable as a designated line of defence as required by leading buildings insurers.

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Triton TT Concrete Waterstop curled up with tape being peeled

Triton TT Waterstop

A BDA certified, pre-formed waterstop available in a ready to use roll which swells up to 270% when in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against concrete surfaces to resist hydrostatic pressure and to stop water from entering the sub-structures. Triton TT Waterstop returns to its original size if the concrete and substrate is completely dry but re-expands to seal the potential leaking joints when water or moisture is re-introduced. Its service life is indefinite with a permanent water tight function and excellent resistance to acid and alkaline conditions. The product is extruded in a rectangular shape for optimal adhesion. The built in delay system means Waterstop will activate approximately two days after constant exposure to water and will resist in excess of 6 bar hydrostatic pressure.

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Seals for waterproof concrete construction

A range of one-step seals for formwork spacers and pipes, designed to offer a more effective, quick and secure sealing solution than mastic or a length of water bar – both of which can be dislodged during the concrete pour.

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Triton Titan Tank

A self-adhesive membrane designed for gas-proofing and waterproofing/tanking of underground structures where harmful ground gases are anticipated.

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cemflex waterstop used to waterproof concrete joints

Triton CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop

TRITON CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop is a galvanized steel plate encapsulated in a special patented coating that reacts only with the water within the concrete to provide a watertight joint. It is designed for use in all non-movement construction joints in reinforced concrete – and is especially suited to ICF or twin wall installations.

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Triton Hydrolock

Triton Hydrolock, when used with properly designed concrete, can be used as fully bonded Type A waterproofing protection as defined in BS 8102: 2009 for the waterproofing of new structures.

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Triton TT55 ME

Triton TT55 ME is a two component polymer modified cement based, flexible, protective and waterproof membrane coating. It is suitable for either vertical or horizontal surfaces and ideal for areas which are liable to cracking or deformation on the surface, and can be successfully used at wall/floor junctions. The polymer emulsion additive imparts high adhesion and flexibility along with its own high level of water resistance. It is suitable for the internal and external waterproofing of concrete, sound brickwork and cement based elements of water retaining and water resisting structures such as basements, retaining walls, lift pits, swimming pools, construction joints, underpinning joints, balcony decks, bund linings or terraces etc.

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Triton TT55

A single component, polymer modified cement “tanking” system for walls and floors, designed to be applied as a waterproof slurry. TT 55 is a highly effective damp proof membrane for brickwork, concrete or any cementitious substrate. Surfaces to be treated with TT55 should be correctly prepared, free from all loose materials and contaminants and be in a sound and solid condition. For application to floors, TT55 should be applied directly to the structural slab. For wall applications, TT55 should be sandwiched between sand/cement render coats. For all TT55 applications, special attention should be given to wall/floor junctions.

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Triton TT Super

A surface applied system which waterproofs and protects concrete in depth. Supplied as a powder which only needs mixing with water before application on: basements/retaining walls, concrete slabs (floor/roof/balcony), construction joints, water retaining structures, swimming pools, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, channels and potable water tanks. When applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capillary tract to form insoluble crystals which block capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks to prevent any further water ingress (even under pressure). However the product still allows the passage of water vapour through the structure, allowing the concrete to ‘breathe’. It also protects concrete against seawater, aggressive ground water and certain chemical solutions.

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platon p8 image

Platon P8

Platon P8 is used as a waterproofing drainage layer applied to the inside face of basement and below ground walls and floors within a drained cavity membrane system. P8 is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and is impermeable to water, water vapour or Radon gas.

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Platon P20 image

Platon P20

P20 is a high capacity drainage membrane recommended for use on all floor applications below ground due to its ability to control free flowing water. The deep stud profile is designed to resist blockages caused by lime deposits.

Platon P20 is most often incorporated within the basement floor build-up and can be used above or below suitable closed cell insulation (contact the Technical Department for guidance), to accommodate the requirements for Aquachannel drainage. P20 is used in conjunction with Platon Sealing Rope, Overtape and Cornerstrip.

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Platon plaster base image

Platon Plaster Base

A unique, ‘plasterable’ membrane with no mesh layer. Platon Plaster Base can be installed on internal walls and vaulted ceilings above or below ground level. The substrate remains visible through the clear membrane for precise fixing.The unique undercut stud design creates a secure mechanical key for the plaster. Plaster Base is very flexible and easier than meshed membranes to shape around external and into internal corners – so there is no need to cut it at these potentially vulnerable points. (Traditional mesh covered membranes tend to be stiffer and the bonded mesh itself will resist folding around an external corner, resulting in a bulge which can be difficult to deal with when plastering or applying dot and dab plasterboard. Because this is much less likely to happen with Plaster Base, the result is a neater job.

At only 5mm thick, Plaster Base is useful for areas where space is in short supply.

It is suitable for use with sand and cement renders and most lightweight and renovating plasters.

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Platon plaster mesh image

Platon Plaster Mesh

Platon Plaster Mesh is a double layered cavity drain membrane comprising a studded HDPE layer bonded to an ‘HDPE twist’ mesh layer which forms a key for most common plasters and renders. As with other Platon membranes, Platon Mesh can be fixed directly to existing wall finishes without the need for extensive hacking off or preparation.

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Platon double drain image

Platon Double Drain

Drainage and protection cavity membrane used externally against retaining walls and across terraces and podiums. Platon Double Drain protects the primary waterproofing membrane from damage during back-filling or covering whilst maintaining a clear space which allows water to de-pressurise and drain freely. Platon Double Drain is used in conjunction with a maintainable land drain to reduce the risk of water pressure build up as part of a specification which can comply with the guidance laid out in BS 8102:2009.

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Ancillaries for cavity drain membranes

Ancillaries – Cavity Drain Membranes

Triton supplies a full range of fixings and other ancillary products used in the installation of Cavity Drain Membrane systems. This range includes an Anti-lime Coating designed to seal concrete surfaces and to prevent the leaching of ‘free lime’. Prior to installation please download the ‘Platon Fixing & Sealing Product Calculator’ below.

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Triton TT Swellmastic S2

A gun applied, one-component hydro-reactive expansion sealant for waterproofing joints in concrete. It will swell up to 100% when in contact with water to create a durable waterstop with long lasting adhesive and hydro-swelling properties. In contact with sea water, Triton TT Swellmastic S2 will expand between 50% and 70%.

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Triton Liquid Waterproofer

A crystalline waterproofing admixture with hydrophobic effects. Triton Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid admixture for designing a water-tight concrete with innovative ‘2 in 1’ technology.

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Triton Injection Tube System

The Triton Injection Tube has been designed for the multiple injection of suitable grouts into construction joints and other areas that may require injection at a later date. Constructed from a specially formulated plastic, it’s flexible nature allows it to follow contours.

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Ancillaries – Watertight Concrete System

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products used in the installation and repair of Watertight Concrete Systems. The range includes a quick setting mortar, sealing systems and adhesives. A surface applied system which waterproofs and protects concrete in depth. Supplied as a powder which only needs mixing with water before application on: basements/retaining walls, concrete slabs (floor/roof/balcony), construction joints, water retaining structures, swimming pools, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, channels and potable water tanks.

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Triton TWS–EX100GM

TWS-EX100GM is a highly efficient waterproofing membrane which also acts as a barrier to Radon, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and other ground gases and contaminants. The self adhesive membrane uses aluminium as the primary barrier, which is reinforced and protected by a laminated film of biaxually oriented HDPE film to one side and a robust bitumen rubber to the other. A selvedge of bitumen rubber facilitates easier lap seals.

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