Triton TM8 / Platon P8

Triton TM8 / Platon P8 is used as a waterproofing drainage layer applied to the inside face of basement and below ground walls and floors within a drained cavity membrane system. TM8 / P8 is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and is impermeable to water, water vapour or Radon gas.

Triton TM8 / Platon P8 is used in conjunction with Triton Brick Plugs and Seals, Triton Sealing Tape, Sealing Rope and Cornerstrip Tape. TM8 / P8 carries a BBA certificate which is required to satisfy the requirements of Third Party Building Warranty providers (NHBC, LABC etc), it can be used within a standalone waterproofing system or as part of a combined strategy with other forms of waterproofing, depending on site conditions, planned use of the basement or below ground area and risk assessment.

Stud height: Approx. 6.5mm

Construction height:Approx. 7mm

Technical Data:
Raw material: HDPE
Sheet thickness: Nominal 0.50mm
Colour: Natural



  • Cavity Membrane for Internal Use (Type C)
  • BBA certificated
  • Impermeable to water, water vapour or radon gas
  • Use on walls or floors
  • For waterproofing below ground or damp-proofing above ground