Ancillaries – Cavity Drain Membranes

Triton supplies a full range of fixings and other ancillary products used in the installation of Cavity Drain Membrane systems. This range includes an Anti-lime Coating designed to seal concrete surfaces and to prevent the leaching of ‘free lime’. Prior to installation please download the ‘Platon Fixing & Sealing Product Calculator’ below.

Platon Brick Plugs
Platon Plug Seals
Platon Plaster Plugs
Platon Sealing Tape
Platon Sealing Rope
Platon Overtape
ICF Fixing Plugs
Isola Membrane Ties
Platon Top Edge Moulding
Platon X Cramps

Triton Anti-lime Coating

Designed to seal concrete surfaces and to reduce the leaching of ‘free lime’. Will also increase resistance to abrasion and acid concentrates.

Normally only one coat of this totally safe, water based formulation is required which can be applied using a brush or spray unit.

Supplied ready to use in 25kg drums.

Fixings and other Ancillaries

For more information about plugs, ties and seals etc for the installation of Platon Cavity Drain Membranes please download the PDFs below ‘Cavity Drain Membrane Fixings’ and the ‘Platon Fixing & Sealing Product Calculator’.

Take a look at the video below for a brief overview of how Type C  waterproofing (cavity drained system) components work together.