Triton Shield Stretch Tape

A unique, stretchable, waterproof and gas proof sealing tape. Triton Shield Stretch Tape speeds up membrane installation by conforming to the shape of curved, convex or concave profiles. Suitable for use in the installation of damp proofing, waterproofing and gas proofing membranes, this highly versatile tape can be used at the wall/floor junction; to seal abutting or overlapping membrane edges, or wherever a seal is needed around awkward, contoured or shaped corners. Up to a 90o turn is achievable without the need to cut the self-adhesive tape.

Triton Shield Stretch Tape is compatible with most waterproofing, damp proofing and gas proofing membranes, including standard DPMs and cavity membrane systems. Its use will save the time spent cutting a sealing tape into sectional pieces to shape around a curved profile – such as at the floor/wall junction of concrete piles or the contours of a vaulted ceiling.

Triton Shield Stretch Tape comprises a tough stretchable material bonded to a waterproof, self-adhesive butyl layer which is resistant to puncturing or tearing. Quick and easy to use, the backing paper is split lengthways to allow the tape to be positioned, manipulated and installed onto one surface before adhering the remaining half.

Packaging: Supplied in packs of two 10m x 195mm rolls.

Two x 500mm pieces with right hand piece stretched to typical 60% elongation


■ Quicker and easier to install than standard tapes
■ Complies with Methane transmission resistance referenced within BS 8485:2015-A1-2019
■ Robust, waterproof construction
■ Allows for some structural movement
■ Helps create airtight seals
■ Economical as less overlaps needed around curved interfaces
■ Excellent adhesion capabilities