Protection from Ground Gas – Further reading

Triton has compiled useful information and guidance on Ground Gas risks and protection measures. Please find below BRE reports for protective and remedial measures. BRE Report BR211 Radon: Protective measures for new buildings. BRE Report BR343 Radion: Remedial measures in existing dwellings (dwellings with cellars and basements).

Triton TWS-EX100GM (Gas Membrane)

TWS-EX100GM is a self-adhesive membrane designed for use as a barrier against Methane and Radon gases. It also acts as a Type A waterproofing barrier.The aluminium primary barrier is reinforced and protected by the HDPE film laminated to one side and a robust bitumen rubber compound to the other.

Triton TT Vapour Membrane (Protection from Ground Gas)

A ready blended coating that once cured, provides a waterproof Radon, Methane and Carbon Dioxide barrier. Triton TT Vapour Barrier can be retro-applied as a waterproof and gas-proof membrane to concrete, masonry and brick substrates or as an alternative to sheet membranes in new construction. It can be applied by airless spray, roller or brush to walls, floors and soffits.

Triton Eco Roof Fan

An energy efficient roof fan designed for Radon gas extraction. Can be used in homes, commercial or public buildings. The fan provides low level continuous ventilation and will extract Radon gas or ventilate an ecological toilet.

Triton TGS-GM500

TGS-GM500 is a very high quality, single layer membrane that prevents the ingress of Carbon Dioxide and Radon gas. Typical areas of use would include the construction of buildings and dwellings near coalfields, on contaminated industrial sites, landfill and brown field sites. The robust, co-polymer membrane is supplied in 2m and 4m lengths making it very easy to install.

Triton TGS-HCM1000

TGS-HCM1000 is a specially engineered, tri-polymer membrane that provides a highly effective barrier against Radon, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbon gases. Formed as a by-product of decomposing matter, Hydrocarbon gasses are explosive and a build up of these colourless gasses can have devastating consequences. The membrane has very high puncture and tear resistance and is supplied in 20M x 1.3M rolls.

Triton TGS-HP750

A high performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier, that incorporates a 12 micron aluminium foil layer, for maximum protection against ground-borne gases. Triton TGS-HP750 can be used to protect against Hydrocarbon Vapours when not in direct contact with the ground i.e., above block and beam floor design. The membrane has been specifically designed to conform with the latest guidance documents. Due to its unique composition, the membrane is extremely robust and flexible and therefore, easy to install on site. The membrane also provides protection from damp when placed below the slab and therefore, there is no need to install a separate DPM.

Ancillaries – Ground Gas

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products for the installation of ground gas barrier systems. This range includes a venting mat, a Radon sump, primers, tapes and top hats. Situations where the Fillet Seal will be employed should already have been prepared in accordance with the slurry coating or render specification. In the majority on instances, the Fillet Seal will be applied on to the slurry coated surface.