Isola Mestertekk

Mestertekk is a high quality single ply SBS modified bituminous roofing felt. Isola Mestertekk can be applied to all types of roofs, industrial buildings, blocks of flats and domestic housing, both on flat or pitched roofs. Isola Mestertekk is loose laid and mechanically fixed, and when used on refurbishment contracts can be applied over the original covering with minimal preparation. Isola Mesertekk is available in a range of colours – please contact Triton for more information.

Triton TWS-EX100

Being water and vapour resistant, TWS-EX100 has many waterproofing applications including foundations, basements, roofs and decks, lift shafts and pits, car parks, subways, bathrooms and balconies. A unique feature is its selvedge that enables a fast and secure seal on all side edge laps.

Ancillaries – Roofing & Decking

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products for the installation of roofing and decking systems. This range includes a cement based sealing product, a reinforcing fabric and surface primers. In most circumstances, polyurethane resins, thanks to their chemical cross linking (as opposed to physical curing water based products), provide excellent adhesion to substrates. However, the very high cohesion of these polymers, may contribute to a lack of adhesion and eventual failure on difficult substrates such as metals or non-porous ceramics.