Triton Aquachannel

Part of a cavity drain system and designed to be used in conjunction with Platon cavity drain membranes.

What is an Aqua Channel?
An Aqua Channel is a moulded PVC drainage conduit which is placed around the perimeter of the basement or along a retaining wall, in a recess formed in the edge of the slab or within a spacing layer created by XPS insulation or sacrificial screed.

Any water entering the below ground areas of the building is managed and controlled by the cavity membrane and intercepted by the Aquachannel. The clear space created by the Aquachannel allows the water to drain rapidly and freely to the discharge points leading to mechanical (sump and pumps) or natural (gravity) drainage.

Triton Aquachannel forms part of a reliable and maintainable waterproofing and drainage system. Aquachannel is available with or without an upstand along the rear edge, to suit the expected usage, eg without upstand when crossing a floor or when offset from a retaining wall, and with upstand when placed against the wall with a cavity membrane lining.