Platon Double Drain

Drainage and protection cavity membrane used externally against retaining walls and across terraces and podiums. Platon Double Drain protects the primary waterproofing membrane from damage during back-filling or covering whilst maintaining a clear space which allows water to de-pressurise and drain freely. Platon Double Drain is used in conjunction with a maintainable land drain to reduce the risk of water pressure build up as part of a specification which can comply with the guidance laid out in BS 8102:2009.

Technical Data:
Roll size: 2.0m x 15m x 7mm
Sheet thickness: nominal 0.50mm
Drainage layer thickness: approx. 8mm
Unit weight: 0.58 kg/m2
Max. compressive strength: 200 kN/m2
Softening temperature: +125ÂșC
Air gap volume: 4.0 litre/m2
Drainage capacity: max. 2.3 litre/m2
Life expectancy: at least 50 years
Colour: black


  • Drainage and protection layer used externally on basement walls and podiums etc
  • Protects the underlying primary waterproofing membrane from damage during back-filling
  • Geotextile filter fabric ensures that silt etc is excluded and drainage capacity maintained