Triton Hydrolock

Triton Hydrolock, when used with properly designed concrete, can be used as fully bonded Type A waterproofing protection as defined in BS 8102: 2022 for the waterproofing of new structures.

Triton Hydrolock is a bentonite membrane (often known as a ‘bentonite carpet’) comprising a mechanically bonded Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) composite of pulverised bentonite, embedded between two layers of geotextile. The internal natural sodium bentonite swells in contact with water to form a low permeability waterproofing barrier.

BBA certified Triton Hydrolock can be used externally on concrete to provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water where Grades 1 to 3 waterproofing protection are required as defined in table 2 of BS 8102: 2022.

Used in conjunction with well compacted concrete, a bentonite membrane can provide a robust waterproofing protection system which is straight forward to install, self-repairing, and easy to repair or patch, prior to pouring concrete. They are cost-effective options and accepted by NHBC and other leading insurers as an acceptable line of waterproofing defence.

Bentonite membranes are simple to install and can be installed in most temperatures and weather conditions. If damaged during installation, for example by steel reinforcement piercing the membrane during steel installation, they can be patched and repaired using the same material that will already be on site. Punctures in bentonite membrane will often self-heal or can be enhanced by adding some bentonite powder (available as an accessory) with a little water added to form a repair paste.



BBA certified

Cost effective

Easy to install

Easy to patch & repair