Triton Shield System

A premium, pre-applied concrete waterproofing system incorporating a mesh membrane and stretchable sealing tape.

The fully-bonded, pre-applied (applied prior to pouring concrete) system comprises the unique Triton Shield Membrane and Triton Shield Stretch Tape that, when used in combination, offer a cost effective, fast to install, very lightweight and durable solution for waterproofing protection.

Triton Shield Stretch Tape

Using the innovative fully bonded membrane and stretchable tape means that coping with non-straight or non-linear jointing applications is made simpler. The need for cutting and joining small sections of tape around curves is minimised, as the tape can be applied in single stretched sections around curved or irregular profiles such as floor slab blinding, concrete piles and arches etc.



– Premium waterproofing system for poured concrete structures

– Applied prior to pouring the concrete

– Concrete binds securely to membrane mesh

– Unique stretchable tape seals around curved profiles

– A quick and cost effective system