Triton Liquid Waterproofer

A crystalline waterproofing admixture with hydrophobic effects. Triton Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid admixture for designing a water-tight concrete with innovative ‘2 in 1’ technology.

Initially it functions chemically and reduces the water absorption in the matrix. Then nano-scale crystals are formed in the capillary system by special active catalysts, which become active on contact with water. This forms a concrete that is sustainable and permanently impermeable to water.

Triton Liquid Waterproofer  is ideal for use with volumetric concrete truck dosing systems and can be added to all concrete where water penetration should be permanently prevented including cooling towers at power stations, tanks and containers, retaining basins, swimming pools, car parks, tunnels etc





Ideal for volumetric concrete truck dosing systems

Crystallisation of the capillaries

Reduces capillary absorption

Crack healing possible for penetrating cracks up to 0.4mm and for map/pattern cracks up to 0.5mm

Improvement of the resistance to freeze/thaw
Reduction in Chloride migration

Minimisation of maintenance and repair costs

Simple and assured