Seals for waterproof concrete construction

A range of one-step seals for formwork spacers and pipes, designed to offer a more effective, quick and secure sealing solution than mastic or a length of water bar – both of which can be dislodged during the concrete pour.

Triton Pipe Strap
Triton Pipe Strap
Triton Sealing Plug
Triton Sealing UFO

Triton Sealing Plug:

The 22mm plugs are simply hammered in either or both ends of the formwork spacer. The swellable rubber cap prevents water infiltrating the spacer tube and the solid core provides a mechanical anchor under water pressures up to 6 bar.

Triton Sealing UFO:

A hydrophilic ring made from synthetic, water-swellable rubber that fits securely around the exterior of the formwork spacer and presents water infiltrating through cracks in the surrounding concrete.

Triton Pipe Strap:

Designed to provide a secure seal around pipes installed through concrete floors or walls, the Triton Pipe Strap should be fixed around the pipes and ducts cast into concrete walls and floors at the time of concrete pouring before the steel reinforcement is are put in place.  Easy to fit and tighten using the mechanical fastener, the straps can be used to seal around all pipes between 110 – 125mm diameter.