Triton Home Dry Vents

A choice of two passive ventilation units (airbrick ventilator and core drill ventilator) that incorporate triple action filters and specially designed thermal cores for minimal heat loss. Triton Home Dry units are designed to ventilate bedrooms and living rooms where the constant background ventilation they provide allows water vapour to escape. One air brick ventilator is usually sufficient for a single room of up to 20m2 floor area, alternatively two core drill ventilators can be installed.

Triton Elegance

A high performance, energy efficient 3-speed axial fan offering lowest energy consumption of its type in the UK. The unit provides low level continuous ventilation to control condensation. Suitable for installation in wall, ceiling or window (with additional window kit) in any domestic room. Can be speed boosted to maximum using integral pull cord or by remote switch/PIR sensor or dynamic remote humidistat. Features anti-turbulence deflectors to ensure very low noise levels and optimum performance. Compliant with Building Regulations Parts L1 2010 and F 2010 and IPX4 splashproof rated for safe installation in Zones I and II.

Triton Anti-Mould Emulsion

Triton Anti-mould Emulsion is a premium quality, low odour anti-mould coating which is guaranteed to protect against Black Mould even in cases of persistent condensation. The anti-mould biocide is combined throughout the paint film, which is formulated to impart toughness, elasticity, water resistance and durability to the surface finish.

Triton Surface Cleanser

Designed primarily to prepare and cleanse surfaces prior to the use of Triton Anti-Mould Emulsion. Supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water (1 part concentrate to 19 parts water by volume), the concentrate contains <10% w/w Quaternary Ammonium Halide dissolved in water.