Platon DE25/DE40

Platon DE25 and DE40 membranes are designed for the construction of flat green areas on top of buildings and underground structures such as car parks and garages. They are laid between the waterproofing and soil layer. Their stud design provides an excellent function that combines drainage and water storage as one efficient system. Platon DE40 is designed for installation where high capacity water storage is required.

Triton Aqua Pump Pro Battery Back Up

The Aqua Pump Pro Battery Back Up system comprises a polyethylene sump, locking access cover, powerful submersible pump, 24v back up pump and control panel. It is designed for use where primary pump failure through mechanical fault of loss of mains power would be catastrophic.

Trimol 34 Timber Consolidant

A two component low viscosity epoxy resin system which creates an almost colourless liquid to provide a cold or warm setting consolidant for wood. Will consolidate friable, worm infested or tack-damaged furniture and provide a base upon which to carry out further restoration. Supplied in 1.34 litre packs.

Trimol 36 Structural Grout

A three component, pourable epoxy resin system for use as a structural grout. Cold or warm setting, Trimol 36 gives a structurally discreet back-fill, principally for timber repairs. The cured product creeps sufficiently under loading to accommodate movement in complex timber joints. A versatile product for site repairs to rotten, insect or fire damaged timbers and to remake joints or breaks. Recommended for use with Trimol 50 reinforcement rods. Supplied in 2.69 or 8.13 litre packs.

Triton Aqua Pump XL

The Triton Aqua Pump XL kit can be specified for where a greater ingress of water is anticipated, where there is a greater depth to the basement or to enable the number of pumps to be reduced.

Triton Temporary Pump Kit

A lightweight and portable pump solution that is ideal for use on construction sites where a cavity drain system has been installed but the site is not completed. It can also be used in flood situations to pump water away from property to minimise water damage.

Trimol 40 Water Based Epoxy Coating

A two component water based epoxy coating for floors and walls. Trimol 40 is typically used to provide a damp proof membrane on walls and floors either on its own as a wearing surface or in a “sandwich” construction between sand and cement renders. Can be applied to brick, concrete, stone and cement renders when damp. Supplied in 1, 2.5 and 5 kg packs.

Triton Aqua Pump

The Triton Aqua Pump kit is a complete, ready to use water control system. The Triton Aqua Pump kit is located in the floor at the lowest point in the basement and nearest to a suitable point of discharge for the pump. The sump lid is capable of accepting foot traffic and is easily removed for maintenance and servicing access.

Trimol 50 Reinforcement Rods

Manufactured from glass reinforced resin by “pultrusion”. Trimol 50 rods have outstanding tensile strength compared to steel, are flexible and compatible with Trimol 36 structural grout. Supplied in a range of sizes from 3 – 25mm diameter.

Trifix Adhesive

A two-component epoxy resin system (for use in “side by side” cartridges) formulated as an anchoring adhesive to give a strong, stress free joint within brick, stone, mortar or timber structures. A solvent free thixotropic product which cures in cold, damp conditions. Supplied in 400ml cartridges.

Triton Aqua Pump Plus

Triton recommends the use of two pumps in each sump to guard against mechanical failure. Triton Aqua Pump Plus comes with identical elements to the Triton Aqua Pump kit but with the addition of a second mains powered pump. This provides both back up to the first pump and increased capacity within the sump if required. To maximise capacity of the pumps they should be linked to separate discharge pipes.

Pump Systems Maintenance

In accordance with BS 8102 (2009), Type C drained protection systems should be maintained. The service period, usually every 6 – 12 months, should be agreed at the outset with the installing contractor or a specialist pump servicing company. Triton can provide details of suitable companies on request.

Triton TT Swellmastic S2

A gun applied, one-component hydro-reactive expansion sealant for waterproofing joints in concrete. It will swell up to 100% when in contact with water to create a durable waterstop with long lasting adhesive and hydro-swelling properties. In contact with sea water, Triton TT Swellmastic S2 will expand between 50% and 70%.

Triton Injection Tube System

The Triton Injection Tube has been designed for the multiple injection of suitable grouts into construction joints and other areas that may require injection at a later date. Constructed from a specially formulated plastic, it’s flexible nature allows it to follow contours.

Ancillaries – Watertight Concrete System

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products used in the installation and repair of Watertight Concrete Systems. The range includes a quick setting mortar, sealing systems and adhesives. A surface applied system which waterproofs and protects concrete in depth. Supplied as a powder which only needs mixing with water before application on: basements/retaining walls, concrete slabs (floor/roof/balcony), construction joints, water retaining structures, swimming pools, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, channels and potable water tanks.

Triton TWS–EX100GM

TWS-EX100GM is a highly efficient waterproofing membrane which also acts as a barrier to Radon, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and other ground gases and contaminants. The self adhesive membrane uses aluminium as the primary barrier, which is reinforced and protected by a laminated film of biaxually oriented HDPE film to one side and a robust bitumen rubber to the other. A selvedge of bitumen rubber facilitates easier lap seals.