Control Panels and Alarms

Triton offers a range of mains and battery powered high level water alarms as well as control and monitoring panels for all configurations of pump kit.

Triton Aquasafe Alarm

The Triton AquaSafe Alarm is a warning system that alerts the end user in the event of a high level situation in the chamber/sump, or when a high level situation has been recorded, a power failure to the AquaSafe Alarm or when there is a service due.

There is a battery incorporated within the panel to power the alarm in case of mains power failure. The system is designed to activate via a mini or sump float switch located inside the chamber/sump. It is set to activate higher than the activation point of the primary pump.

Single Pump Control Panel

This unit has an integral high level audible/visual mains alarm, which is activated by the pump’s float mechanism within the sump. It also records each activation of the pump and length of run time, which is ideal where unknown levels of water ingress occur and also to monitor changes in levels of ingress between service intervals.

Dual Assist Control Panel

Where two mains powered pumps are located within one sump, the Dual Assist Control Panel will alternate their operation and also activate both pumps simultaneously when required. Supplied complete with integral high level water alarm and monitoring counters for each pump which record the number of activations and run times. This unit is designed for high risk areas of potential water ingress.

Telemetric System

Suitable for where the possibility of pump failure would be catastrophic, this system is designed to alert the end user should a high level condition or loss of power occur by sending a pre-recorded message alerting them of the system fault. This system can be supplied as part of our other alarm systems or retro-fitted to existing products.

  • Up to 6 programmable telephone numbers
  • Audio/visual indicators on control panel
  • Alarm mute function on control panel
  • Optional battery back up for high level alarm

Power supply230V

Technical data:
Cable length 5m
Audio alarm Max 90dB
Visual indicator 1.5ltr

Triton Powersafe Unit

The Powersafe Unit is an automatic, battery back up alarm that protects property from flooding by storing power in case of a mains power loss to pumps. The system can be used in single or dual pump configurations and is suitable for both groundwater and foul waste.