Triton Aqua Pump XL

The Triton Aqua Pump XL kit can be specified for where a greater ingress of water is anticipated, where there is a greater depth to the basement or to enable the number of pumps to be reduced.

Triton Aqua Pump XL Sump
Triton Aqua Pump XL Sump - single pump configuration
Triton Aqua Pump XL Sump - dual pump configuration
The powerful RS55 Pump has a 550W motor and offers a 14M maximum vertical output. Shown here with Single Pump Control Panel.

The kit can be supplied in either single or dual pump configuration with a choice of three pump types which should be specified depending on the pump performance (flow and head) required.The sump features a large 450 x 450mm opening for ease of maintenance/installation, locking access cover, two pre-moulded anchor points and a split level base to provide pump height differential in dual pump configuration. The system is very versatile enabling the installer to locate inlets, discharge and cable/vent ducts to suit on-site requirements.

Auto and manual versions of the kit can be supplied. The manual version includes a single or dual assist control panel and independent float switches that fully operate the pump/s and monitor their usage.

XL Pump Type 301 303 RS55
Power supply 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC
Rated current 1.9A 4.9A 5.0A
Motor rating 180W 380W 550W
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Revolutions/minute 2800rpm 2800rpm 2900rpm
Maximum vertical output 7M 12M 14M
Maximum flow rate 174L/min 234L/min 300L/min
Maximum liquid temperature <40°C <40°C <40°C
Discharge size 1 ¼” 1 ¼” 2.0″
Cable length 5M 5M 10M
Weight 29kg 30kg 45kg
Cable size 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm
Cable 3-core 3-core 3-core

NBS Specification: R18
Triton Aqua Pump XL Sump Dimensions:
Sump: 750mm diameter x 1000mm high
Cover: 450mm x 450mm