Triton Aquachannel

Part of a cavity drain system and designed to be used in conjunction with Platon cavity drain membranes.

What is an Aqua Channel?
An Aqua Channel is a moulded PVC drainage conduit which is placed around the perimeter of the basement or along a retaining wall, in a recess formed in the edge of the slab or within a spacing layer created by XPS insulation or sacrificial screed.

Any water entering the below ground areas of the building is managed and controlled by the cavity membrane and intercepted by the Aquachannel. The clear space created by the Aquachannel allows the water to drain rapidly and freely to the discharge points leading to mechanical (sump and pumps) or natural (gravity) drainage.

Triton Aquachannel forms part of a reliable and maintainable waterproofing and drainage system. Aquachannel is available with or without an upstand along the rear edge, to suit the expected usage, eg without upstand when crossing a floor or when offset from a retaining wall, and with upstand when placed against the wall with a cavity membrane lining.

Aquachannel Accessories

A range of additional components including those which provide access for maintenance, including ports, connectors, corners, ‘T’ pieces, large bore bottom outlets and end outlets. These items enable installation work to be carried out efficiently and neatly and minimise onsite fabrication. Please download Accessories sheet below to view images of all Triton Acquachannel accessories.

Universal Channel Outlet/Drain Finial: Moulded connector piece with 110mm bottom outlet to fit into ‘pop-up’ pipework running through or under the floor slab, ensuring that water runs as quickly as possible, directly back to a sump. Also functions as an inspection port.

Channel End Outlet: Clips on to the end of the Aquachannel run and provides conversion to 50mm solvent weld ABS waste pipe. Used with gravity fed drainage or as one of at least two connections to a sump.

Inspection Port/ Rodding eye: Used to provide cleaning, inspection, and maintenance access to the Aquachannel system. Typically installed at 10-12m intervals along runs of channel and adjacent to corners and changes of direction. The large stub opening on the topside of the 170mm channel piece accepts 50mm solvent weld ABS waste pipe which can be configured with commonly available elbows, bends and end caps.

Corner Piece: A smooth 900 bend, fully swept corner connector that ensures that water flows easily, and inspection cameras or flushing hoses can negotiate the change of direction without snagging.

T Piece: An in-line connector piece that allows the main run of Aquachannel to connect at right angles to a secondary ‘arm’ of cross-floor Aquachannel (without upstand) and drain across the surface of the floor to an offset or centrally placed sump chamber. T Pieces can also provide a connection link between parts of the main Aquachannel run, to create shortcuts especially in awkwardly shaped basements.

Connector piece: A simple connector piece to firmly hold together lengths of Aquachannel.


Supplied in 2m lengths with or without upstand