Triton Aqua Channel

Triton Aqua Channel is a PVC drainage conduit designed to control water ingress in below ground situations. It is fitted around the perimeter of the floor at the vulnerable wall/floor junction and is particularly suited for use in conjunction with Isola Platon cavity drain membranes. Water entering the building through the walls is controlled behind the Platon membrane, and diverted down to the Aqua Channel at the base of the wall. The water enters the Aqua Channel through pre-drilled drainage holes and must then be diverted to a suitable drainage point, either natural, or a sump and mechanical pump. As a general rule a minimum of one sump/discharge point is required for every 50 linear metre run of Triton Aqua Channel.

Aquachannel is supplied in 2 metre lengths and is available with or without an upstand running along the back edge. Aqua Channel is 80mm wide and 50mm deep.

Channel Outlet: Consists of a 90° PVC bend and a PVC male coupling (with swivel action) which is fitted to the base of the Aqua Channel to allow water to be taken from it to the water collection point (sump and pump) via a 40mm OD solvent weld PVC pipe.

Channel End Outlet: Where gravity fed drainage is used, this Outlet converts the pentagonal shape of the Aqua Channel into a round aperture for connection to a 40mm pipe and allows water to be discharged into a ‘P’ trapped gulley or soakaway.

Rodding Eye: It is recommended that one rodding eye is installed for every 10 linear metre run of Aqua Channel to allow periodic cleaning of the drainage system.

Aqua Channel Corner Piece: To be used to join lengths of Aqua Channel conduit at corners. The Corner Piece includes an option for inclusion of a Rodding Eye.

Aqua Channel Connector: A connector to link two lengths of Aqua Channel conduit.

Aqua Channel In-line T-Piece: Enables teeing off of the conduit to dissect the floor or to discharge to a centrally located sump.

Aquachannel drain finial