Waterproofing an Existing Concrete Basement


Triton’s barrier and drained waterproofing systems have been used by Protectahome to waterproof the existing concrete cellar below a new restaurant. Part of the Soho House Group, Pizza East Kentish Town is a raw, stripped-back space with steel beams, wooden floors, huge windows, brickwork and bare concrete. The cellar offered potential for storage, food preparation, staff rooms and managers office with data connections, but was suffering from ground water ingress and rainwater ingress from the car park above.

Triton approved contractors, Protectahome, specified a combined approach to waterproof the structure and provide dry storage for the restaurant. A Type A barrier protection system was specified to waterproof the soffit and a Type C cavity drained system was specified for the walls and floor. Triton provided all elements of the combined system which conforms to BS 8021 2009.

The concrete soffit was prepared and treated using Triton Repair Mortar, Triton Fillet Seal and Triton TT55 Waterproof Slurry. The TT55 was modified with Triton Tanking Mix Elastifier (TTME) to produce a more flexible waterproof coating. The remaining walls, floors and stanchions were primed with an anti-lime coating prior to the installation of the Platon cavity drain membrane system. The inclusion of an anti-lime coating within a waterproofing specification will reduce the amount of free lime leaching into the system – which may put the system under undue risk, and improve the water resistance of the basement.

Platon P8 membrane was installed to the walls and deeper studded Platon P20 membrane laid to the floors. Any water still entering the building will be controlled behind the membrane and directed to and discharged from the drainage system. The integral drainage system comprised Triton Aqua Channel conduit fitted to the periphery of the area, which will direct any future water ingress to a Triton Aqua Pump Pro Sump, which contains the high water alarm, mains powered pump and battery back up pump which would be activated in case of mains failure.

The Protectahome team completed the works to a very high standard and on time – allowing the client to finish the area and open the business on time.

Triton supplied:
Platon P8, Platon P20 membranes, Aqua Pump Pro,
Aqua Channel, Triton Repair Mortar, Triton Fillet Seal,
Triton TT55 Waterproof Slurry/TTME, Triton Anti-Lime Solution

Triton approved contractor:

NBS Specification:
Platon P8/Platon P20 – J40
Triton Aqua Channel/Aqua Pump Pro – R18
Triton Repair Mortar – C42
Triton Fillet Seal/Triton TT55 – J10

Waterproofing an Existing Concrete Basement

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