Platon P2 Transparent Membrane

Platon P2 Transparent Membrane is a thin polypropylene cavity membrane which has been developed for use over floors or as a wall lining when isolation from dampness or chemical contamination is required.

The overall membrane thickness of 2.5mm means that effective protection can be provided without undue intrusion or disruption to the planned floor or wall layer build-up.

Platon P2 Transparent Membrane can be overlaid with insulation, laminate or engineered timber flooring, particle board, plywood, or screed. Wall fixings are made with regular Platon Brick Plug and Seal.

Platon P20

A heavy duty, deep studded HDPE cavity drain membrane, principally used to waterproof basement floors but of great benefit as a barrier to damp and ground gases in flooring applications.

Ancillaries – Flooring

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products for the installation of liquid applied and sheet membrane flooring systems. This range includes primers, reinforcing tapes, a cement based sealing product and a repair mortar.