Ancillaries – Flooring

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products for the installation of liquid applied and sheet membrane flooring systems. This range includes primers, reinforcing tapes, a cement based sealing product and a repair mortar.

Triton LPA
Triton Fillet Seal
Triton SBR
Triton Fleece Band
Triton Repair Mortar

Triton LPA

Triton LPA/Primer is a ready to use emulsion that can be used as a surface primer for Triton Repair Mortar, Triton Floor Levelling Compound and Triton TT Vapour Membrane.

Available in 5 litre packs.

Trion Fillet Seal

Triton Fillet Seal is a pre-packed cement based and polymer modified product for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproofing works when using cementitious slurry coatings such as Triton TT55. In most circumstances, Fillet Seal needs only be mixed with water for use. Where extra adhesion is required, Triton SBR may be used. Note: Where water is leaking or seeping the use of Triton Quick Set is advised.

The use of Fillet Seal helps to ensure a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces that will minimise the risk of leaving gaps or holes unsealed during the waterproofing works.

Situations where the Fillet Seal will be employed should already have been prepared in accordance with the slurry coating or render specification. In the majority on instances, the Fillet Seal will be applied on to the slurry coated surface.

Triton Fillet Seal is available in 25 kg bags.

Triton SBR

Triton SBR is a latex admixture for cementitious mixes, renders, screeds and waterproof slurry coatings. Triton SBR improves the workability and durability of cement mixes, resulting in the cured material having a higher strength, density and water impermeability. Triton SBR will increase the flexibility and adhesive bond of a mix.

Triton SBR is available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers.

Triton Fleece Band

Triton Fleece Band is a reinforcing fabric for use with Triton TT Vapour Membrane and is specifically designed for use within liquid applied waterproofing systems.

Available in 1M x 100M and 300mm x 100M rolls.

Triton Trifix

Trifix is a two part epoxy resin sealant which can be used to seal unavoidable puncturing of the Triseal membrane. Trifix can also be used where the bund is provided by metal angles.

Triton Repair Mortar

Triton Repair Mortar is a pre-packed, modified cement based repair mortar for use with concrete, render and screed repairs. Use with Triton LPA/Primer as both a primer to the repair area and as a gauging solution for mixing the Triton Repair Mortar and to enhance the flexural strength of the mix.

Typical areas of use would include repairs to honeycombed concrete, leaking construction joints (Triton Quick Set also required), spalled concrete and repairs to screeds and renders.

Available in 10 kg packs