Platon P2 Floor Membrane

Platon P2 Floor Membrane is a thin (PP) cavity membrane which has been developed for use over floors when isolation from dampness or chemical contamination is required. The overall membrane thickness of 2.5mm means that effective protection can be provided without undue intrusion or disruption to the planned floor layer build-up. Platon P2 Floor Membrane can be overlaid with insulation, laminate or engineered timber flooring, particle board, plywood or screed.


Technical Data:
Raw Material: Polypropylene
Sheet thickness: nominal 0.50mm
Stud height (net): Approx. 2.0mm
Construction height: Approx. 2.5mm
Unit weight: 0.45 kg/m2
Working temperature: Max.+60°C
Softening temperature: +160°C
Linear Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.18mm/m°C
Water vapour resistance: 250m equivalent air layer
Life expectancy: At least 50 years for defined applications.
Colour: Clear/Translucent
Storage: Rolls to be stored upright and under cover.