Timber Repair Using Epoxy Systems


Triton’s Trimol epoxy systems offer a fast and effective method of repairing and upgrading structural timbers, whilst at the same time retaining the existing bearing configurations. Normally the external appearance of the original timbers can be maintained, therefore these systems are particularly suited to repairs in historic or listed properties.

Triton approved contractor, Peter Cox Ltd, was contracted to carry out an extensive programme of structural timber repairs in a six storey former dockside warehouse complex in Liverpool, which is being converted into recording studios. Decayed principal rafters and tie beams at roof level and floor beams on all floor levels were cut back to sound timber and new replacement timber installed.

Reinforcing steels were bedded into the new timber sections using Triton’s Trimol 36, a three-component, pourable, epoxy resin system which creeps sufficiently under loading to accommodate movement in complex timber joints.

The team also used Triton’s Trifix Adhesive, a two-component, epoxy resin system to anchor the steels into the end grain of existing timbers. In total 20 roof trusses and nearly 100 floor beam ends were repaired in this way. The technique avoids the need for unsightly steel reinforcement plates and means that the repairs are largely unobtrusive – important when structural timbers are left exposed, as is common in these conversions.

Triton’s Trimol 54 was also used to face off the repaired timber. A two-component epoxy system, it cold sets to form wood-like material, which can be shaped and grained to match the timber being repaired.

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Timber Repair Using Epoxy Systems

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