Triton TWS-EX100

Being water and vapour resistant, TWS-EX100 has many waterproofing applications including foundations, basements, roofs and decks, lift shafts and pits, car parks, subways, bathrooms and balconies. A unique feature is its selvedge that enables a fast and secure seal on all side edge laps.

Triton TWS EX100GM in pack
Triton TWS EX100 unrolled

TWS-EX100 is a self-adhesive sheet membrane constructed from an oriented cross laminated HDPE sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. The tough, durable sheeting has an overall thickness of 1.5mm. Its primary use is for internal and external tanking to prevent the ingress of water and waterborne aggressive salts such as chlorides and sulphates penetrating concrete structures.

Triton supplies a range of ancillary products for the installation of this membrane. Please refer to the ancillaries section below. Detailed application guidelines are downloadable – see below.

TWS-EX100 is available in 19.05M x 1050mm rolls.