Triton TM3 Mesh / Platon PB2 Mesh Membrane

A 3mm polypropylene cavity drain membrane suitable for direct plastering. Suitable for use as an isolating plaster membrane following remedial treatments.

Technical Data:
Raw Material: PP
Sheet thickness: Nominal 0.50mm
Stud height: Approx 2.0mm
Construction height: Approx 2.5mm
Unit weight: 0.505 kg/mÇ
Working temperature: Max +60°C
Softening temperature: +160°C
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.18mm/m°C
Water vapour resistance: 250m equivalent air layer
Life expectancy: At least 50 years for defined applications.
Colour: Clear/Translucent, Mesh – White

Available in 1m x 20m and 2m x 20m rolls.


  • PP membrane with integrated mesh layer for direct plastering
  • For internal application on walls above or below ground level
  • Compatible with other Platon membranes