Triton Surface Cleanser

Designed primarily to prepare and cleanse surfaces prior to the use of Triton Anti-Mould Emulsion. Supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water (1 part concentrate to 19 parts water by volume), the concentrate contains <10% w/w Quaternary Ammonium Halide dissolved in water.

Application: After removing non-washable or loose material, the dilution should be used to wash down the surface using a sponge, scrubbing brush or cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly, applying a second wash to badly soiled areas.

Drying Time: 1-4 hours normally.

Practical Coverage:
6-8m2/litre when diluted, depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface.

Pack size: 250ml. Supplied as a kit with Triton Anti-mould Emulsion.