Isola Powertekk

Shatterproof, vandal and wind resistant, Powertekk steel roof tiles are suitable for all types of domestic or commercial buildings – particularly in exposed areas. Their traditional appearance makes them virtually indistinguishable from clay or concrete equivalents and life expectancy is around 70 years. Their impact and vandal resistance makes them particularly suitable for sporting facilities, schools and community buildings. Their light weight also makes them suitable for use on prefabricated and portable buildings, or in the refurbishment of old pitched roofs where the construction is too frail for heavier replacements.

Powertekk tiles can be installed on all types of roof construction including pitched roofs between 90º and 10º. They are fitted to battens using nails or screws with practised installers often taking less than half the time it takes to fit traditional tiles. Powertekk weighs just 5.0 kg/m2 – 7.7 kg/m2, depending on which of the three designs are chosen.

In new build projects, the low weight of the tiles can also lead to savings on the size of the building foundations.

Triton TWS–Fastcoat

A single pack, moisture curing elastomeric resin. The membrane cures in a continuous and elastic form, as a totally adhered layer. The waterproofing layer guarantees total watertightness and withstands building movements. Can be used as a base coat, reinforcing layer or top coat. Typical applications include low pitch and flat roof areas with pedestrian traffic, wet rooms, kitchens, lightly trafficked flooring, water channels and ponds.

Isola Mestertekk

Mestertekk is a high quality single ply SBS modified bituminous roofing felt. Isola Mestertekk can be applied to all types of roofs, industrial buildings, blocks of flats and domestic housing, both on flat or pitched roofs. Isola Mestertekk is loose laid and mechanically fixed, and when used on refurbishment contracts can be applied over the original covering with minimal preparation. Isola Mesertekk is available in a range of colours – please contact Triton for more information.

Isola Roofing Shingle

Isola Roofing Shingle is an attractive high quality range of roofing finishes manufactured from a combination of bitumen and bitumen impregnated fibreglass to achieve the ultimate in waterproofing, tear and rot resistance and flexibility. The Shingle is topped with a high quality aggregate, is totally impervious to wind, rain and snow and can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity without deterioration.