Isola Roofing Shingle

Isola Roofing Shingle is an attractive high quality range of roofing finishes manufactured from a combination of bitumen and bitumen impregnated fibreglass to achieve the ultimate in waterproofing, tear and rot resistance and flexibility. The Shingle is topped with a high quality aggregate, is totally impervious to wind, rain and snow and can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity without deterioration.

Using the Shingle as an alternative to conventional roofing materials can deliver considerable cost savings as it is considerably lighter, and therefore smaller dimension timbers can be used in construction. The advanced two-stage adhesive system also ensures long term performance for this weatherproof Shingle which remains watertight on roofs between 15° and 85° pitch. The preset overlap can lead to savings of up to 20% on time and materials when compared to using Shingle with a pitch dependent overlap. Particularly suitable for leisure and garden buildings, Isola Roofing Shingle is available in a variety of profiles and colours with a full range of accessories.