Triton Aqua Dual Pump Kit (with two Tsurumi Pumps)


Pair of Triton Tsurumi mains powered automatic pumps. Straight sided black sump with structural foam flat lid. Non return valve assembly. High water level alarm. Triton UPS.

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Efficient removal of water from the cavity drain waterproofing system. Triton Aquachannel should drain into the sump via at least two separate inlet points. The Aqua Alarm warns of high water level in the event of a power or mechanical failure. The second pump offers standby protection should the duty pump fail. Triton Aqua Pump Plus Kit comprising:

  • Black Sump - No Holes (AA/AP4) - also avaliable with holes in sump Black lid with Seal Kit (AA/AP7)
  • 2 x Tsurumi Oma4 Pumps Inv Nrv (AA/AP2)
  • 2 x Flexible Coupling (X/FERNCO049049)
  • 2 x Aqua Alarm c/w Battery & Float (AA/AP6)
  • 2 x Manifold Coupling (AA/APP11)
  • 2 x 40mm straight coupling (40MMSTRAIGHTCOUPLING)
Triton Aqua Pump & Aqua Pump Plus Kit Data Sheet

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Weight 21.8 kg

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