Trimotic is a chemical-free damp proofing system that utilises the principle of Electro-Osmosis. This occurs when an electric potential is applied across a damp porous material which causes a force to be exerted on the water which then moves towards the cathode (earth). The system involves inserting platinum coated titanium wire anodes into the wall at regular intervals.

These anodes (which are joined together by plain titanium wire) are placed around the building in a ring main type configuration. One end is then connected to a low voltage power supply and the circuit is completed at the other end by an earthing rod (cathode) driven into the ground to a level below that of the anodes and at a distance of at least 2 metres away from the nearest anode. The operational system then provides the electric potential which stops the rising damp and allows the wall to dry out.

The system includes the anodes, which are supplied spliced into rolls of pure titanium wire; connecting wire, connecting crimps, power units, earthing rods, sleeving and crimping tool.

Installation of the anodes can be from the outside or inside of the building, in either case the internal rendering will almost certainly need to be removed due to salt contamination. The anodes are inserted into the wall via holes drilled from a mortar bed down at a 10 – 30 angle. The wire between each anode is placed into a 20mm chase or groove cut into the mortar bed. Doorways and other openings can be bridged using plain titanium wire. Following installation the anode holes are filled and the groove pointed up.


Electro osmotic damp proofing system

  • Chemical free
  • Suitable for virtually any type of wall
  • Eligible for insurance backed guarantees
  • Minimal running costs