Ancillaries – Structural Repair Systems

Triton supplies a full range of ancillary products for the installation of wall ties and other structural repair systems. The range includes resins, grouts, drill bits and a repair mortar.

Trifix Adhesive
Triton Repair Mortar

Trifix Adhesive

Trifix is a two component epoxy resin system specifically formulated for use with twin component side by side cartridges using either hand operated or, more normally, air operated guns, using “at the nozzle” static spiral mixers. Trifix is colour coded for visual assurance that the two components are fully mixed. The product is solvent free, thixotropic, ie will not readily slump, and cures in cold, damp conditions. Trifix is formulated as an anchoring adhesive to give a strong, stress-free joint within the structure, be it brick, stone, mortar or timber.

Supplied in 400ml cartridges.

TriGrout Extra

TriGrout Extra is designed to be used as a structural grout for the bedding and bonding of stainless steel reinforcement bars. A two component product, TriGrout Extra is supplied in plastic buckets containing all the powder and liquid needed to make up the product. Trigrout Extra is shrinkage compensated, non-gassing and thixotropic. It is suitable for use with hand or powered applicators and available in two sizes (to make 3 litres or 6 litres of grout).

Triton Repair Mortar

A pre-packed modified cement based repair mortar for use with concrete, render and screed repairs. Use with Triton LPA/Primer as both a primer to the repair area and as a gauging solution for mixing the Triton Repair Mortar and to enhance the flexural strength of the mix.

Typical areas of use would include repairs to honeycombed concrete, leaking construction joints (Triton Quick Set also required), spalled concrete and repairs to screeds and renders.

Available in 10 kg packs.

TriSet Polyester Resin

Triton Tri-Set is a very fast setting, two part, grout/adhesive supplied in a twin cartridge containing the base polyester resins and hardener which are mixed through the static mixing nozzle on application. Typical uses include the permanent installation of wall ties. It provides a waterproof, chemical and vibration proof bond. Tri-Set offers excellent adhesion, high strength and is corrosion resistant.

Supplied pre-packed ready for use in twin cartridge (resin 380ml, hardener 150ml).