ICF Construction Partners

All our ICF partner companies are members of the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Formwork Association) which was established in 1992 to promote the use of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) in the UK.


Beco Wallform

Wallform basement creates a natural and comfortable addition to any new-build home. Wallform ICF has long been a reliable and cost-effective building system for house and basement construction, with a track record in the UK of over 25 years. Compared to slower, more traditional basement construction methods, Wallform provides many benefits including design flexibility, rapid construction times, reduced labour costs, and enhanced levels of thermal performance.

Durisol UK

Manufactured in Wales, Durisol is a woodcrete ICF. The wall form units are created from recycled waste wood which is chipped into wood fibre before being mineralised and bonded together with cement. The units are available pre-insulated or without PIR insulation.  On-site, the interlocking units dry-stack together and are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system. The wall can be built up to 2.5 metres (ten courses) in height, without propping, before the first concrete pour.  As the first ICF ever produced, Durisol is the most proven formwork on the market with a track record spanning over 70 years.

Jackon ICF

JACKON THERMOMUR® is an insulated concrete forms (ICF) building system based on moulded blocks of expanded polystyrene (EPS), JACKOPOR®. THERMOMUR® blocks are very light, easy to work with and the walls are built quickly and solidly on site. The blocks are stacked as bricks, reinforced then filled with concrete. Buildings set up in THERMOMUR® require little maintenance and are extremely durable. THERMOMUR®’s unique design allows us to meet ever demanding thermal insulation and air tightness standards with the minimum of additional components and construction processes. THERMOMUR® features high quality, perfect insulation properties and 35 years of experience in the harshest of Nordic winters. THERMOMUR® 350-series provides a two-sided thermal insulated, airtight construction which offers optimum energy efficiency, excellent sound reduction and fire protection for domestic buildings, such as multi-storey houses. The THERMOMUR® 350-series satisfies the new changes to Part L of Building regulations. THERMOMUR® 350HD series offers a 200 mm core of concrete most suited for use in retaining walls and basement construction.


Econekt are Passivhaus and low-energy ICF construction specialists offering a complete building system solution to self-builders UK-wide. Their services include: ICF supply and assistance, insulated foundation systems, basements and complete structural shells. With a head-office in Glasgow and a small regional management team based throughout the UK, Econekt are able to provide a UK wide service for their Passivhaus and low-energy building system, all the while ensuring that each project is treated with a local and personal touch by the company’s design, costing, project management and in-house build teams.



The Sunbloc ICF system is British designed and has been established for 11 years. The company has worked with Triton for many of those years delivering the highest quality products for basement projects. Sunbloc comprises water treated expanded polystyrene walls (interior and exterior), interior webs that do not bridge the cavity and patented fixing points that again do not bridge the cavity. It also boasts high and low interlocks that lock the Sunbloc together and makes water ingression extremely difficult.