Triproof Cream

New Triproof Cream is an odourless water repellent treatment that improves the thermal performance of masonry walls and provides an easy to apply flood resilience measure. After application by roller or brush on to clean dry walls, Triproof Cream allows walls to breathe whilst protecting them from further damp penetration. It can be used as a flood resilience measure for new and existing properties in flood risk areas. Triproof Cream will improve the thermal performance of walls, by preventing the absorption of water that reduces the insulation properties of porous materials such as brick, concrete and mortar.

Triproof AQ

Triproof AQ is a highly effective water repellent based on a blend of Silane, Siloxane and Silicone resins. Triproof AQ is suitable for use over masonry, brickwork, concrete and renders. Superior performance is obtained on alkaline surfaces such as new renders and concrete. Triproof AQ is available in concentrate form in 2.5 litre containers.