Luxury property waterproofed by Triton’s watertight concrete system

A concrete slab made waterproof by the inclusion of BBA certified Triton TT Admix (Type B waterproofing), has been installed as part of a new, luxury detached property in the Midlands. Service entries and slab joints were waterproofed using BBA certified Triton Adcor 510S Waterbar,  a conformable, swellable rubber strip, while Triton Cemflex VB Plate Waterstop , a weatherproof, coated steel plate especially suited to waterproofing ICF blockwork, was installed at retaining walls.


Triton TT Admix is used in concrete waterproofing at the time of batching. The chemicals in the admixture react with fresh concrete to actively seal the concrete itself against the penetration of water or liquid and to protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Shrinkage cracks are constantly and automatically resealed during a life-long active protection system.

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