Platon P8

Platon P8 is used as a waterproofing drainage layer applied to the inside face of basement and below ground walls and floors within a drained cavity membrane system. P8 is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and is impermeable to water, water vapour or Radon gas.

Platon P20

P20 is a high capacity drainage membrane recommended for use on all floor applications below ground due to its ability to control free flowing water. The deep stud profile is designed to resist blockages caused by lime deposits.

Platon P20 is most often incorporated within the basement floor build-up and can be used above or below suitable closed cell insulation (contact the Technical Department for guidance), to accommodate the requirements for Aquachannel drainage. P20 is used in conjunction with Platon Sealing Rope, Overtape and Cornerstrip.

Platon Plaster Base

Cavity Drain Membrane for internal use. Platon Plaster Base can be installed on internal walls and vaulted ceilings above or below ground level. The substrate remains visible through the clear membrane for precise fixing. It is suitable for use with sand and cement renders and most lightweight and renovating plasters.

Platon Plaster Mesh

Platon Plaster Mesh is a double layered cavity drain membrane comprising a studded HDPE layer bonded to an ‘HDPE twist’ mesh layer which forms a key for most common plasters and renders. As with other Platon membranes, Platon Mesh can be fixed directly to existing wall finishes without the need for extensive hacking off or preparation.

Platon Double Drain

Cavity Drain Membrane for External Use. Double Drain is installed with the filter fabric facing the backfill. It is fixed mechanically along its top edge using Platon-Cramp, which provides tear resistant fixing points. The Platon Moulding Profile prevents entry of soil and stones between the wall and membrane or into the drainage layer.