Triton Bentofix BFG 5000

Triton BENTOFIX BFG 5000 is a BBA certified waterproofing membrane for use over horizontal or vertical surfaces, to waterproof and protect reinforced concrete slabs and retaining structures.

Triton BENTOFIX BFG 5000 membrane sheet is a composite of sodium bentonite powder, a woven polypropylene geo-textile on the underside and a non-woven polypropylene fibre layer on the topside (facing the concrete to be waterproofed). The upper, non-woven layer is impregnated with an additional loading of bentonite powder.

Bentofix BFG 5000 provides protection in either post or pre-applied situations, and on either horizontal or vertical RC and masonry.

Full surface contact between the Bentonite impregnated cover layer and the concrete ensures that small cracks and surface imperfections are sealed.


Advantages include:

Self-healing bentonite properties

Quick and easy installation in most weather conditions

Forms a tenacious mechanical bond to poured concrete when cast in situ (pre-applied application), remaining in place if settlement of the substrate occurs