Platon P5

Cavity Drain Membrane for internal use, P5 is a tough and economical membrane for both remedial and new build construction. It is suitable for sub-ground tanking and also for use above ground to isolate walls which are damp or contaminated with salts. P5 can be dry lined on walls and screeded or a floating dry board system fitted on floors.

Technical Data:
Roll size: 2.07m x 20m x 5mm
2.47m x 20m x 5mm
Sheet thickness: nominal 0.50mm
Stud height (net): approx. 5mm
Unit weight: 0.48 kg/m2
Max. compressive strength: 180 kN/m2
Softening temperature: +125ÂșC
Air gap volume: 3.25 litre/m2
Drainage capacity: max. 2.4 litre/m2
Life expectancy: at least 50 years
Colour: black or clear


  • Economical 5mm HDPE cavity drain membrane
  • Suitable for both walls and floors, above or below ground
  • Impermeable to water, gas and water vapour
  • Compatible with other Platon membranes